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Vireo Media – comprehensive video services for your brand!

At Vireo Media, we provide comprehensive video services. We support our clients by building coherent video strategies, creating videos for marketing, sales and training activities and assisting with specific stages of video production (e.g. editing footage, voiceover recordings, video training and use of the film studio). We also create complete video courses for our clients, video blog series and webinars. With our own database of more than 50 Polish and foreign voice-over artists, we provide videos in multiple language versions. Our offer is complemented by photo shoots, product photography and photo reports from events.

Below is a catalogue of the most frequently requested services by our customers. That doesn’t mean it ends there. Tell us about your business, goals and needs and we’ll help you choose the right video format and support you every step of the way.

Video marketing strategies

A properly developed and executed video marketing strategy is a powerful promotional tool for your business, building customer relationships and achieving your business goals. At Vireo Media, we have been combining practical experience and creativity with up-to-date marketing knowledge for over 10 years. As a result, we will not only realise complex film productions for you, but also create a thoughtful and effective video marketing strategy.

Video subscription

Subscription video services are an advantageous solution for companies in which the creation of video content plays an important part in marketing activities. Thanks to regular cooperation with Vireo Media, companies do not need to hire expensive specialists – operators, editors or sound engineers – on a permanent basis. Simple billing (monthly VAT invoice), no additional costs (employee benefits) or problems related to employment contracts (sudden sick leave etc.). The collaboration provides the client with a dedicated team of specialists. We have several film crews in Poland (in Wrocław, Warsaw and Bielsko-Biała) which allows us to produce several videos even on the same day in different locations. And all this at very attractive prices. The minimum contract duration is only 3 months. If you would like to find out more about our subscription offer for companies, please contact us.

Advertising videos

Promotional videos are designed to draw attention to a particular company’s offering, product or service. Promotional videos are used to increase brand awareness and support sales activities on TV, social media and other channels. At Vireo Media, we produce promotional films and advertising spots of various types. Our team provides its expertise, creativity and experience to create a promotional video that showcases a company’s offering and captures the attention of potential customers.

Corporate videos

A corporate video, also often referred to as a video business card, is a presentation of the most important information about a company, its products, values, team or potential. The corporate videos we create are an excellent opportunity to attract the attention of investors, customers, contractors or future employees and are an effective tool to build engagement and strengthen brand image.

Product videos

Product videos present the features of a product in a simple and clear way, describe its parameters and show it in use. An unquestionable benefit of using films of this type is also the demonstration of a product’s capabilities in conditions (without the need to test it, e.g. in a stationary shop or consult with a salesperson). Product films realised by our film studio can also take the form of testimonials, equipment tests, unboxings or tutorial videos using the product.

Video courses and e-learning

At Vireo Media, we create complete video courses and video content for e-learning platforms. We produce complete videos for trainers, subject matter experts (who want to create their own training product) and companies specialising in selling online training courses. As well as making videos from scratch, we edit courses from ready-made materials. We also produce webinars, training and instructional videos.

Training and instructional videos

Training videos are an extremely effective and attractive tool for transferring knowledge and information within a company. Training videos allow participants to benefit from the knowledge anytime, anywhere, and organisations, above all, save time and money by using the same material repeatedly. At Vireo Media, we create training and instructional videos in the form of traditional videos (e.g. recordings of trainers’ speeches or live training sessions) as well as 2D, 3D or whiteboard animation (hand-drawn animation).

A how-to videos

A how-to video is an extremely effective tool for promoting one’s brand and reaching new customers, the creation of which benefits not only the company but also the viewers. Internet users like to watch step-by-step video on social media, and when typing a specific question into Google, it is video content that appears in the first search results. Advice videos solve real problems of the audience in a visual and practical way, answer the most frequently asked questions and are available at any time and pace.


Aftermovies are a popular and sustainable form of event promotion on social media and an option for reaching people who did not physically attend the event. Creating video coverage of an event is also an effective advertising material, e.g. for partners or sponsors of the event, where you can include statements of sponsors, their products or logos of brands supporting the event. At Vireo Media, we have been producing aftermovies from conferences, cultural and sporting events for years. In addition to video footage, we also do photoreportages and aerial shots.

Concert recordings

We produce multi-camera recordings of all stage events – concerts, performances or multi-person debates. In this way, when organising a concert, for example, the client can later publish it on YouTube, release it as a DVD/Blye Ray or embed it on a VOD platform.


Animations make it possible to convey difficult concepts and processes in an understandable and original way. The use of 2D, 3D, special effects or other graphic elements in advertising animations makes these materials attractive and easy to adapt for brand branding. We have already created more than 700 advertising and educational animations. We prepare video explainers, presentations of new products and services, video doodles, 2D and 3D visualisations. We also realise animated settings for films – intros and outros.

Social media videos

When creating advertising videos for our clients, we ensure that each video is tailored for specific social media. We take care to prepare videos based on the latest trends and guidelines (i.e. appropriate aspect ratios, different variations of the video for advertising campaigns). Vireo Media also offers services such as subtitling of videos, voiceover recordings, and recycling video content for re-use in social media.

Music videos

Music videos, also known as videoclips, create a visual layer for the artistic message of a piece of music. A well-created music video allows a strong bond to be established with fans and attracts the interest of new audiences. In the case of music video production, it is not only the creativity and experience of the film crew that are crucial, but also the adaptation of the budget to the idea (and vice versa), which is why we offer various variants of cooperation when working with artists (e.g. assistance in creating the script, comprehensive recording and editing of music videos from scratch, use of ready shots from concerts, recording of concerts).

Employer branding videos

Employer branding videos can take many forms. Often they are short documentaries, supplemented by employee statements. Regardless of the format adopted. The most important thing in an employer branding film is to show the company from the inside, e.g. the relationships in the teams, the atmosphere, the people and, above all, the authenticity of the company. These types of films, by showing the ‘human face’ of an organisation, work perfectly well as an incentive for potential employees to submit a CV.

Video editing service

If you are short on time or skills – at Vireo Media we will take care of the film editing based on the video material you provide. Our team of editors will take care of both editing and post-production of the footage, preparing the finished videos in a variety of formats. In addition, we have access to stock video footage that can perfectly complement your promotional videos.

Video creation trainings

Video is an increasingly important and popular form of communication in marketing activities. We have no doubt that it is worth investing in creating a comprehensive video marketing strategy. However, we recognise that sometimes a client’s budget does not allow for this or it is more optimal to train staff in this area – in these cases, we encourage you to take advantage of video creation training and online courses.

Photo sessions

In addition to filmmaking, we have been involved in photography for years. Our offer includes image sessions, portrait sessions, product photography and photo reports from events. In addition to the creation of the photos, we take care of the preparation of the entire photo set (organisation of the film studio, make-up, set design) and professional photo processing. We provide photo shoots as a separate service and as an extension of film assignments.

Recording and editing of podcasts and audiobooks

Podcasts and audiobooks are increasingly popular forms of knowledge transfer, audiences are reaching for them more and more (e.g. between classes, in the car, during activities). In addition to typical film services, at Vireo Media we also provide audio recording and post-production services, i.e. the recording of podcasts and audiobooks, and consequently: audio post-production, creation of animated intros and outros, voiceover services (we have our own bank of voiceover voices in many languages).

Voice overs

Voiceover recordings are an essential element of commercials, especially when you need video content in different language variants. At Vireo Media, we have our own voiceover database with over 50 professional voiceover artists (native speakers from various countries). We also work with translators who can prepare subtitles for videos in any language.

Shorst and documentaries

Shorts, i.e. fictional stories acted out by actors, are the most popular film genre and cover a wide range of subjects (e.g. drama, comedy, thriller, science fiction, fantasy and many others). Documentaries, on the other hand, depict real events and people and are made to educate, inform or to get the viewer interested in an issue. At Vireo Media, we create both types of films, both fiction (fictional) films and documentaries. Our films have been presented and awarded many times at film festivals.

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