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Videos that exceeded our expectations

Jakub Kalinowski


Team is very knowledgeable and well prepared

We had the opportunity to work with Vireo Media to produce a sponsorship billboard for one of our brands. The communication was very straightforward and professional. We are very satisfied with the material that was created. It was evident during the production process that the team is very knowledgeable and well prepared. Thank you and recommend.

Katarzyna Krawczyńska

Deputy Head of Marketing, DLF Sp. z o.o.

Meeting deadlines, quick contact and flexible approach to sudden changes of plans

I had the pleasure of scoring my “debut” in front of Janusz’s camera. After this experience I would highly recommend working with Janusz and Vireo Media. Janusz is first and foremost an excellent professional in his profession. I dare say that he is one of those people for whom work is also a passion, thanks to which he remains enthusiastic and energetic even during long hours of recording. She is excellent at supporting clients and people performing on recordings. He knows how to take care of debutants ;-). I won’t even elaborate on such issues as meeting deadlines, quick contact and flexible approach to sudden changes of plans, because Janusz has it as a standard.

Paweł Gerus


Mega express speed

I recommend! Firstly there is a great contact with Janusz. Secondly they delivered the materials to a great standard and at mega express pace. Thirdly Janusz has a great network of contacts which he is happy to share to find other subcontractors. Great cooperation!

Bartosz Idzikowski

Partner, Lockme

Professionalism, quality and high flexibility

Working with Janusz and his team is always associated with professionalism, quality and great flexibility. I have been working with him since the beginning of my career, and over these 10 years we have managed to shoot and cover social events, health events and most recently a running event together. Vireo Media’s involvement in the 2nd edition of the EcoRun by Dr.Max Health Association was a shot in 10! The processed photos were delivered quickly, which is important for runners, and the videos met all the criteria set. I sincerely recommend it and am already planning further joint productions.

Katarzyna Kozłowska-Panek

Head of Marketing Communication, Dr. Max Poland

The quintessential partner you really want to work with

Professionalism, openness to new solutions, prompt realisation and extremely friendly communication – this is how cooperation with Vireo Media can be summarised in a few words. Mr Janusz is able to turn a basic script into a very dynamic and interesting film production. What is extremely important is that at each stage of cooperation he remains in constant contact, explains any doubts, meets deadlines with the utmost care while ensuring high quality work. In a word – the quintessential partner you really want to work with. I highly recommend! 🙂

Beata Szukajt

Marketing Specialist, PayPo Sp. z o.o.

“You will be satisfied!”

I have had the opportunity to work with Vireo Media on several occasions, both for the creation of educational material and the handling of a nationwide event, and each time Janusz and his team have shown great professionalism, punctuality, but above all substantive and technical support during the recording of the material. I appreciate Janusz very much for his flexibility and adaptation to the client’s needs, for his interesting ideas and advice on how to behave on set. During the editing process, he is in constant contact with the client, advises and gives all the feedback without any problems, which results in interesting productions. Apart from all of the above, the Vireo team is simply friendly and a pleasure to work with! We will definitely meet again! To quote a classic: “You will be satisfied!”.

Anita Jeglińska

Head of Education, Dr.Max Polska

Implementation from A to Z

The idea itself is only the beginning. It’s amazing how many things you need to grasp in order to prepare a good quality product video. Fortunately, Janusz Pietroszek extends a helping hand and assists with such projects from A to Z – advising at every stage, suggesting interesting solutions and delivering a final product tailored to my expectations. Thanks Janusz, thanks Vireo – I’ll be back!

Adam Kaczmarek

Product Manager, Exclusive Networks

Always full focus on the task at hand

Working with Janusz and Vireo Media is quite a pleasure and full of professionalism! 👌 We had the opportunity to work together on films for the Dekoral brand and on the side of the team always full focus on the task. You could also count on very useful tips and quick brainstorms in the context of the shots. A solid team and cooperation! I sincerely recommend! 😉

Paulina Żydek

Senior Account Manager, Agencja Nie Do Ogarnięcia

Idea and adaptation to business requirements

With a clear conscience and personal responsibility, I recommend Janusz and the Vireo team to those who need a business partnership complemented by high quality of widely understood visual production. I have entrusted Janusz and the Vireo team with several productions. Each order was accepted with commitment, and in the received material you could see the idea and adaptation to the business requirements of the service. Keep it up!

Agnieszka Bojeś-Kuta

Communications Specialist, Dr.Max Polska

This is not a coincidence

I highly recommend working with Janusz on any video productions. The first commissioned project concerned the editing of finished materials. The final product met our expectations and the cooperation was exemplary. We recently decided to use Vireo Media again – this time for a new product launch. As before, the whole process went smoothly and to a high standard. The two successful projects are no coincidence, but a combination of professionalism and Janusz’s strong commitment. Highly recommended!

Monika Dachowska

Head of marketing, Farouk Systems Polska

Content-related support from start to finish

Vireo created the online course for me. Full professionalism, very good contact, punctuality, substantive help from the beginning to the end of the order. I highly recommend!

Krzysztof Tomczuk

CEO, Architekci Windykacji

Super vibe on set

We had the opportunity to work with Janusz and the Vireo Media team while preparing training videos for our app. It was a pleasure to work with Janusz and Vireo Media – their professionalism and commitment, their punctuality, the quality of the material prepared and the great atmosphere on set. All in all – top-notch execution.
Highly recommended!

Aleksandra Spychalska

CEO & Co-Founder, Jetsnatch

One of the best professionals

Janusz is simply one of the best professionals in his area of expertise, there is no doubt about it. Nevertheless he is also easy to deal with on a personal level which is rather rare trait these days. We’ve been working together on private and government projects and it is hard for me to recommend anybody better then him. Hopefully I will have only partners like him in the business.

Matthew Madura


The project has gone into the best hands!

I knew from the start that our project to create educational videos was going into the best hands! Working with Vireo Media was a pleasure. The quality of the production, the sound and the image created a coherent whole, and professionalism , ingenuity and flexibility are the perfect words to describe you!

Monika Zdobych

Specialist in the personnel and organisational department, A. Falkiewicz Specialised Hospital

A positive attitude in every situation

I have had the pleasure of working with Janusz for two years, mainly on instructional and educational videos. Apart from great results, I also appreciate his professionalism and reliability. I know I can count on Janusz and his positive approach in every situation. I warmly recommend Vireo Media!

Roksana Zagrodnik

Senior Direct Marketing Specialist, EFL Group

Excellent approach and professionalism

I highly recommend the services of Vireo Media, thanks to his experience, professionalism and great approach, the realization of video projects is a pleasure. Janusz has a very good feel for things, he listens, tries to understand the client’s needs, is able to advise and above all create a good atmosphere to work in. He executes each stage of the project to the highest level of quality, resulting in great results. Thanks a lot for the cooperation, see you soon 🙂

Anna Cieślik

CEO, Pracownia Rozwoju

Direct and on-going contact

What I appreciate most about working together is the direct and ongoing contact, the focus on results and the high quality of the service provided – so I am pleased to have been able to work with Janusz, who treats these needs with due attention. The high level of customer service, as well as the focus on his needs, made me feel fully taken care of and understood as a customer.

Bartek Olejniczak

Senior HR Business Partner, SoftServe

Know-how, ideas, punctuality

Working with Janusz on several projects to create footage has gone more than smoothly. What can you expect from him? A good workshop, interesting ideas, punctuality and easy and clear communication.

Marcin Stefanow

Director of Marketing, Vidis S.A.

I recommend with a clear conscience

I have worked with Janusz on many occasions on video and photo productions of events. Each time we smoothly went through the assumptions and briefed the assignments accordingly, which enabled us to complete the assignments with minimal changes to the delivered material. With a clear conscience, I would recommend Janusz and Vireo Media to work together!

Monika Jeżewska

CEO, Rebel Events

Nothing is impossible

Working with Janusz is a pure pleasure. Nothing is impossible for him. We have produced several visuals together and I am very pleased with each one. Especially noteworthy is the corporate film, which was created during the pandemic, in an extremely short time, from archival and freshly caught up footage. Janusz approaches his work with great professionalism and patience. He is a guarantee of success!

Paulina Czapiewska

B2B Marketing Specialist, PGS Software S.A.

First and foremost, peace of mind

I have worked with Janusz on many occasions, be it the realisation of an advertisement, a corporate photo shoot or the editing of material realised with another company. Always – it was a pleasure and above all peace of mind. When Janusz gives a deadline – he always meets it. When he says he will deliver a certain quality – he will. If he sees risks or problems: he will always signal this and I can trust his judgement. In addition, he is a very cultured and friendly man so…. it remains for me to thank him for the projects so far, hope for more opportunities to work with him and recommend him to other companies.

Marta Michałowska-Tkocz

Global Brand Manager, Selena

A sense of the customer’s needs

I can recommend the company with a pure heart and hands (after disinfection of course)!!! I have had the pleasure of working with them since my student days (since 2011). The approach to the client, the sense of their needs, the advice is pure (like Podlasie spirit) professionalism!!! The atmosphere during photography and video is very pleasant. In a word, I RECOMMEND!!!

Arkadiusz Bohonos

CEO, Punkt Rehabilitacji i Masażu

Implementation of the brief

Janusz is worth working with, I know what I am saying because I have been doing it for years. Both on the operator-operator line and as a client of Vireo Media. We have accumulated a lot of experience on our journey together, from reportage assignments to event coverage to content marketing campaigns.
All with attention to image quality, timeliness and meeting the brief. On top of that, in a relaxed atmosphere and with an openness to unusual solutions. If you are looking for a companion for your filmmaking journey – Janusz is the right person.

Jakub Janz

Senior Marketing Specialist, SA

Focus on details

I have the opportunity to work with Vireo Media for the photo shoots I do for my furniture. I appreciate Janusz for his attention to detail and aesthetic execution of photography, which is very important in the field of premium furniture. In addition, Vireo Media has created numerous interior design and garden architecture film animations for us. I also had the opportunity to work with Vireo Media during the creation of the ‘Small Steps – Big Changes’ project for the city of Wroclaw. I appreciate the team for their very good approach to children. Thank you for the cooperation so far and I recommend it!

Marta Sadowska

Co-owner, MS Sadowscy

Special task commandos

Janusz and Vireo Media are commandos for special tasks.
We have been working together for a good few years now and it is a very fruitful acquaintance. Whether it’s a short animation, a TV commercial or a culinary vlog of several episodes, working with Janusz is always a pleasure!
In addition to the punctuality and quality of the service itself, I very much appreciate the proactivity of the whole Vireo Media – there is no problem they cannot handle. This is a great comfort in cooperation.
I highly recommend!

Wiktor Pastucha

CEO, Wills Integrated

Professional, on-time and reliable

I recommend working with Janusz (Vireo Media). 🔥 We worked on many projects, the results were satisfactory every time. Animation, video and photo reportage, DIY videos and more. Professional, timely and reliable. 🚀😉

Karolina Dobkowska

Head of Search,

Frequent collaboration

Since 2016, I have often collaborated with Janusz and Vireo Media on various projects, both photo and video. I am very happy with the collaboration and the results.

Artur Rzepka

CEO, Archie’s Calligraphy

Faster than Clint Eastwood in “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”

Working with Janusz is a pure pleasure. Time and time again he has managed to turn the most offbeat ideas into real projects in a timeframe unrealistic for the average film eater. Creative, professional and faster than Clint Eastwood in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

Mariusz Wnęk

Head of Product Design & Growth, Tagger

Creative, flexible and hard-working

Janusz is creative, flexible and hard-working. He has a great personality, a good sense of humour and is a pleasure to work with.
Hi is a good co-worker and work seems easier with him around.
He will be successful at his job and whatever he does.

Sheila Gª Cerviño

Marketing digital & comunicación empresarial, O2STUDIO agencia de publicidad

An adventure in the world of multimedia

Working with Janusz is an adventure in the world of multimedia, full of humour and professionalism. Ingenuity always comes first! I recommend!

Barbara Rogala

Leadership & Agility Coach

Professionalism and know-how

I have worked with Janusz Pietroszek many times on several video projects, each time he has shown his professionalism in taking film shots, he has also always provided good advice and factual knowledge. I sincerely recommend him!

Kamila Węcka

Marketing Manager, Popeyes Poland

Virals without delay

With verve and passion, Janusz managed the production and filmed and edited episodes of his own original programme, which eventually became an internet hit. Without him, many internet users would never have known the real face of the famous Darius from Difficult Cases or the guys from Mielno. It is worth noting that he supported and organised his team so that the programme was released in full cycle, without even an hour’s delay.

Łukasz Fiurst

Video Governance Process Manager, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Great director and editor

Janusz is a great director and editor. With big attention to details his works are always at high quality. Creative and open-minded. It a pleasure to cooperate with him at at any kind of a project.

Paweł Antkowiak

CEO, .BespokeChat

Recommendable mix

Janusz is creative and has a sense of good taste, which, combined with his diligence and punctuality, makes for a recommendable mix.

Aleksandra Pomianowska

Learning & Development Consultant

Surprising box of chocolates

Janusz Pietroszek is an editor-orchestra. He doesn’t trumpet his ideas, but meticulously creates by combining different sounds – the effect is astounding. The videos he has worked on for my organisation are definitely hard to compare to corny pop songs. It’s more like a surprising box of chocolates – from rock to Monty Python, because both with a sense of humour and with a ‘stomp’. I absolutely recommend the collaboration!

Marta Ziobrowska

Project Manager, WIGGOR

Films with an idea

Janusz has shot and edited more than one promotional video for us, always on time, always with an idea and we were always very satisfied. I recommend working with this gentleman.

Monika Walas

Chief Marketing Officer, WIGGOR


Janusz is a very conscientious person and his work is always perfectly finished.

Agnieszka Przenioslo-Monzo

Sales Department, Funmedia Sp. z o.o.

Friendly professionalism

Janusz is a professional in every way. He is conscientious, careful and attentive to detail. In addition, he is a very pleasant person with whom it is great to work.

Karolina Kwaśniewska-Grela

English content creator, Funmedia Sp z o.o.

High quality and efficiency

Janusz is a person who organises his working time well and, most importantly, uses it efficiently. It is worth mentioning that the results of his work are always of high quality down to the smallest detail. He develops his skills every day, although it can already be said of him that he is a professional.

Paweł Kubisiak

Manager, Accenture