SKAER – commercial for Icelandic mobile app

For the Skaer brand, we were commissioned by the Icelandic advertising agency to create a commercial to promote a newspaper app. The entire commercial was developed by us from scratch – starting with the idea, script, recording and post-production. The commercial was created in 2 language versions – Polish and Icelandic.

Our work on the production involved a full range of activities:

  • development of the advertising concept
  • preparation of the script
  • preparation of the shooting script
  • preparation of the shooting schedule
  • 1 shooting day
  • editing video
  • choice of background music
  • voiceover recording in English
  • postproduction of voiceover recording in Icelandic received from the client
  • postproduction of video and sound
  • preparation of computer effects and animations

SKAER is an app through which Icelandic residents can find the most interesting promotions in hundreds of shop newspapers.

Client review:

We’ve been working together on private and government projects and it is hard for me to recommend anybody better.

Matthew Madura



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