Pracownia Rozwoju – e-learning video series

We were commissioned by Pracownia Rozwoju to produce elearning recordings with four male and female trainers. The recordings were intended for several different projects, including as part of elearning courses for corporate clients. In one intensive shooting day, we were able to set up a greenscreen studio in the client’s office, complete all the planned recordings, dismantle the studio and produce a video of the training, which was conducted by one of the recorded trainers on the same day.

On Vireo Media’s side was the preparation of the production based on the scripts received, i.e.:

  • technical and artistic consultation of scripts
  • 1 shooting day
  • editing of 8 e-learning videos
  • editing of an aftermovie with interviews from the training course
  • selection of stock footage and music
  • postproduction of video and sound

The Development Workshop is a team of people whose common goal is to support others to develop themselves. They do this by using psychological knowledge and engaging people of diverse abilities. Together, they create developmental solutions and learning tools that reveal new knowledge to their audiences and inspire action.

Client review:

I highly recommend the services of Vireo Media, thanks to his experience, professionalism and great approach, the realization of video projects is a pleasure. Janusz has a very good feel for things, he listens, tries to understand the client’s needs, is able to advise and above all create a good atmosphere to work in. He executes each stage of the project to the highest level of quality, resulting in great results. Thanks a lot for the cooperation, see you soon 🙂

Anna Cieślik
CEO, Pracownia Rozwoju

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