PGS Software S.A. – corporate film


For PGS Software S.A. (now Xebia) we prepared a corporate film mostly from archive material. This decision was based on the fact that the commercial had to be made quickly and, due to the prevailing pandemic and lockdown, there was no possibility of free filming, especially abroad. We decided to base the entire film on shots that had already been recorded, supplementing them with stock footage and a few interviews, which we recorded in one shooting day and with a minimum of people on set.

On Vireo Media’s side was the comprehensive preparation of the production on the basis of the script received, namely:

  • technical and artistic consultation of the script
  • shooting of interviews
  • selection of stock footage
  • editing of the video, based mainly on the client’s archive materials
  • voiceover recording in English
  • choice of background music
  • video and sound post-production

PGS Software S.A. (now part of the Xebia Group) is one of Poland’s largest software houses, employing nearly 1,000 programmers in 3 branches across the country.

Client review:

Working with Janusz is a pure pleasure. Nothing is impossible for him. We have produced several visuals together and I am very pleased with each one. Especially noteworthy is the corporate film, which was created during the pandemic, in an extremely short time, from archival and freshly caught up footage. Janusz approaches his work with great professionalism and patience. He is a guarantee of success!

Paulina Czapiewska
B2B Marketing Specialist, PGS Software S.A.

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