Perfecta Retail Furniture – a series of health and safety videos for a retail furniture manufacturer


For Perfesta Retail Furniture, with whom we have been working on various film and photography projects since 2016, we have created a series of 6 health and safety videos demonstrating the correct operation of equipment on the production floor. These videos are used to train new employees.

On Vireo Media’s side was the preparation of the production based on the scripts received, i.e.:

  • technical and artistic consultation of scripts
  • 1 shooting day
  • editing of 6 e-learning films
  • preparation of animations
  • voiceover recording
  • music selection
  • video and sound post-production

Perfecta Retail Furniture is a manufacturer of in-store furniture, tobacco racks and POS materials that display and promote products.

The video above shows only stop-frames from the videos – we cannot publish the full footage as it is for internal company use only.



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