Ministry of Health of Iceland – animation series

For the Icelandic Ministry of Health, we were commissioned by the Icelandic advertising agency to create a series of 5 animations from scratch describing how the Icelandic healthcare system works. The animations were aimed at immigrants, hence the decision to keep the number of words to a minimum. The entire message was prepared in such a way that it was clear and straightforward even for a person who does not speak Icelandic.

On Vireo Media’s side was the preparation of the production from A to Z:

  • development of the animation concept creation of scripts
  • preparation of scripts
  • preparation of illustrations of characters and graphics
  • editing of 5 animations
  • music selection
  • postproduction of video and sound

The Ministry of Health of Iceland is responsible for administration and policy-making in accordance with laws, regulations and other directives of Icelandic law.

Client review:

We’ve been working together on private and government projects and it is hard for me to recommend anybody better.

Matthew Madura

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