Lunatyp – I want to be a witch

The band Lunatyp invited us to realise the music video for their song “Witch I want to be”. With a small budget at our disposal, we managed to complete the recordings in 2 locations within one shooting day. During the filming we used some simple but effective solutions such as a smoke machine and dry ice. We also added a lot of computer effects during editing.

On Vireo Media’s side was the comprehensive preparation of the production from A to Z, i.e:

  • development of the music video concept
  • preparation the script
  • preparation the storyboard
  • preparation of the set
  • 1 shooting day in 2 locations
  • editing of music video
  • postproduction of the video
  • preparation of computer effects

Client review:

Above all, great people with passion! Full professionalism, lots of interesting ideas, which are even better at the implementation stage. Concrete approach to the subject, beautiful and professional execution! I wholeheartedly recommend!

Dagmara Dorda
Singer, Lunatyp

Making of:

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