Jetsnatch – training videos for the app

Commissioned by the agency Wills Integrated and for the training app Jetsnatch, we produced recordings of dozens of kettlebell exercises. Minimalism was important to the client – nothing was to distract the app user. We decided to record in a studio on a white cyclorama, which allowed us to achieve a perfectly white background surface. The entire focus of the viewer of the videos is on the movement of the trainers and the correct execution of the exercise. The low weight of the videos was also a technical challenge.

The client wanted the videos to load quickly, but without losing the high quality of the video. The ideal solution turned out to be to create looped videos and to perfectly match the beginning and end of a given movement in an exercise. Thanks to this procedure, an exercise can be played over and over again, and a single video is only a few seconds long and weighs about 1MB each. The app with our videos can be downloaded HERE.

On Vireo Media’s side was the production preparation based on the brief:

  • consultation of film concepts
  • selection of a suitable location for filming
  • preparation of the shooting plan
  • shooting
  • editing of more than 40 videos in vertical format with exercises
  • video post-production

Jetsnatch is a comprehensive system that supports kettlebell training. It includes an app and a special sensor using algorithms and AI.

Snapshots from the app:

Client review:

We had the opportunity to work with Janusz and the Vireo Media team while preparing training videos for our app. It was a pleasure to work with Janusz and Vireo Media – their professionalism and commitment, their punctuality, the quality of the material prepared and the great atmosphere on set. All in all – top-quality execution. Highly recommended!

Aleksandra Spychalska
CEO & Co-founder, Jetsnatch

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