European Us Girls – public awareness campaign and e-learning platform


For the international European Us Girls project, we commissioned the V4Sport Foundation to produce a series of 72 e-learning videos divided into 6 modules. Each module features a different female expert. The films were produced in studios we arranged in Wrocław and London.

In addition to recording the typical e-learning content itself, we shot a short documentary in London, which was used as part of the project promotion.

On Vireo Media’s side was the preparation of the production based on the scripts received, i.e.:

  • technical and artistic consultation of scripts
  • searching for a suitable location for recordings in London
  • production of recordings in cooperation with an international team
  • editing of 72 e-learning films
  • editing of a documentary to promote the project
  • selection of stock footage and music
  • post-production of video and sound

European Us Girls is a project launched in 2017, funded by the Erasmus+ Sport programme, which aims to raise and maintain the level of participation of women in Europe in amateur sport and physical activity. Thanks to close collaboration between experts and partner organisations from Poland, Italy, Denmark, France and the Netherlands, it was possible to create and develop the most effective tools and practices to support organisations in understanding the needs of young women.

Snapshots from e-learning videos:



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