Dr.Plex – product testing with influencer

The Farouk System Polska company, which produces professional hair cosmetics for professionals, is known to every hairdresser in Europe.

The company decided in 2023 to also include products for home customers. For the new Dr.Plex cosmetics range (available in the Rossmann shop chain), we created 3 product videos featuring an influencer who tested the cosmetics and talked about their benefits.

On Vireo Media’s side was the preparation of the production based on the scripts received, that is:

  • technical and artistic consultation of the script
  • selection of influencers with the right reach within the target group
  • preparation of the set
  • preparation of location and set design
  • shooting videos
  • editing of 3 films and several short vertical videos for reels
  • design and production of animations (intro, outro, transitions)
  • postproduction of images and sound

Farouk Systems Poland is a company known for producing high quality professional hair care products used by professional hairdressers.

Client review:

(…) The first commissioned project was to edit the finished materials. The final product met our expectations and the collaboration was exemplary. We recently decided to use Vireo Media again – this time for a new product launch. As before, the whole process went smoothly and to a high standard. The two successful projects are no coincidence, but a combination of professionalism and Janusz’s strong commitment. Highly recommended!

Monika Dachowska
Head of Marketing, Farouk System Polska


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