Data Science at the University of Wrocław – Commercial for the course of study


We have been working with the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Wrocław for several years. First as part of consulting (assisting with the selection of streaming equipment in connection with pandemics and remote classes), then supporting their activities during online open days. In 2022, we were invited to carry out advertising for the Data Science course of study. In addition, within the same budget, we offered the client to record several interviews with the graduates featured in the commercial. These were used as additional social media content and to complement the campaign promoting the Data Science degree course.

On Vireo Media’s side was the comprehensive preparation of the production from A to Z, namely:

  • development of the film concept
  • preparation of the screenplay and voiceover text in Polish and English
  • preparing the script
  • casting of actors
  • preparation of the filming set
  • regular and aerial shooting in over a dozen locations
  • editing of Polish and English versions of the film
  • editing of testimonials of graduates in Polish and English
  • choice of musical background
  • postproduction of video and sound
  • selection of stock footage
  • computer effects and animations

The University of Wrocław is one of the oldest operating universities in Central Europe (founded in 1702). It holds the title of Research University as the only university in Lower Silesia and one of ten in Poland.



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