Courses123 – permanent cooperation, films on greenscreen for Funmedia Ltd.


Funmedia is an e-learning company. To date, they have created more than 50 online products (mainly online courses and e-learning platforms) sold in 49 countries. We have been working with Funmedia since the beginning of Vireo Media. For more than 10 years we have created hundreds of e-learning videos and animations for them and their clients.

We have worked with them on recordings for the government’s e-book project (almost 300 films and animations!) or for a Russian language textbook for one of the educational publishers, as well as for several language and specialist courses.

Together, we also created more than a dozen video reports or commercials. We also managed to take first place in the “Houston, we have a start-up!” competition for the best video promoting a start-up (the competition was organised by Lewis PR agency).

The video above shows only a stop-frame of our productions – we cannot publish the full recordings as they are part of the paid courses.


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