Cluify – commercial animation

For Cluify, a brand owned by Datarino,m we prepared an animation to promote an innovative product. Cluify enables the acquisition of new customers by creating online advertisements to people who have visited any location in the real world. As a result, advertisers have the opportunity to reach completely new audiences with a contextual promotional message: customers of a competing shop, attendees of a popular music event or people who have so far been indifferent to a stationary shop window. The client wanted a clear presentation of how the product works, highlighting its benefits and innovation.

On Vireo Media’s side was the comprehensive preparation of the production based on the script received:

  • technical and artistic consultation of the script
  • preparation of script
  • preparation of illustrations of characters and graphics
  • editing of animations
  • music selection
  • voiceover recording
  • postproduction of video and sound

Cluify is a product of the Datarino group, a leading Big Data player offering services for the acquisition and collection of large data sets primarily for the financial industry. Using their experience and know-how in Big Data analytics, the team set out to create a comprehensive data-driven product and bring a new quality to the advertising and retail market.

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