Bum Bum – music video for the band To mi graj

The band To mi graj invited us to make a music video for their song ‘Boom, boom’. The band organised the dancers and extras and we took care of everything else. Starting with the idea, the script, hiring a suitable studio, recording and post-production. The video turned out to be quite a success – already in the first few days after the premiere it received more than 100 000 views on YouTube.

On Vireo Media’s side was the comprehensive preparation of the production from A to Z, namely:

  • development of the music video concept
  • preparing the script
  • preparing the storyboard
  • preparing the set
  • 1 shooting day
  • editing of music video
  • postproduction of video and sound
  • preparation of computer effects and animations

To mi graj is a duo of professional musicians with over 20 years of stage experience. They play both covers and original compositions.

Client review:

We highly recommend! Full professionalism, very good contact, the production of our video was planned in detail and the atmosphere on the set was very nice 🙂

Joanna Mulik-Buczma
Singer, To mi graj


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