Area Cooling Solutions – a series of instructional videos in 6 languages


For Area Cooling Solutions, we prepared 7 instructional videos aimed at refrigeration system installers. The company operates internationally, so each of the films was prepared in 6 language versions: Polish, English, Spanish, German, Dutch and French. Due to the size of the equipment and logistics, the filming was carried out on site at the client’s premises, right next to the production hall. We also arranged an on-site mobile studio for the recording of the film intros.

On Vireo Media’s side was the preparation of the production based on the scripts received, ie:

  • technical and artistic consultation of scripts
  • 3 shooting days
  • editing of 42 e-learning films (7 films, each in 6 language versions)
  • voiceover in 6 languages (Polish, English, Spanish, German, Dutch and French)
  • music selection
  • post-production of video and sound

Area Cooling Solutions is a manufacturer and distributor of refrigeration and air conditioning components and systems. The company has been operating since 1986 and has branches in several European countries.

All 42 videos are available on client YouTube channel:




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