A. Falkiewicz Hospital in Wrocław – video series for social campaign

At the request of the A. Falkiewicz Hospital in Wrocław, we prepared a series of 3 prevention videos as part of a social campaign aimed at young parents and one video on geriatric care. Due to the timing of the recordings (the middle of winter and poor weather conditions) and the lead time – just a few weeks to prepare the entire project – we decided to base a large part of the video on stock footage. These complement and visually enrich the statements of the people in the video.

On Vireo Media’s side was the preparation of the production from A to Z, that is:

  • development of film concepts
  • preparation of scripts
  • preparation of schooting scripts
  • shooting videoa
  • editing of 4 videos
  • selection of stock footage
  • selection of music
  • postproduction of video and sound

A. Falkiewicz Hospital is a unit located in Wrocław. It provides healthcare services in the form of inpatient care in hospital wards and outpatient care in specialist outpatient clinics near the hospital. The hospital has the following wards: Internal Medicine and Geriatrics with a chronic patient ventilation ward, Neonatology ward with wards, Gynaecology and Obstetrics ward with wards, Paediatrics and Rheumatology ward and the Night and Day Care ward.

Client review:

I knew from the beginning that our project to create educational videos was in the best hands! Working with Vireo Media was a pleasure. The quality of the production, the sound and the image created a coherent whole, and professionalism , ingenuity and flexibility are the perfect words to describe you!

Monika Zdobych
Specialist in the personnel and organisational department, A. Falkiewicz Specialist Hospital


Other videos in the series:




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