A day in the life of a company – employer branding film for Perfecta


For Perfecta Retail Furniture, a company we have been working with on various film and photography projects since 2016, we created 2 corporate and emploter branding films based on first-person view (POV) concepts. In the first film, the viewer takes on the role of an employee as he or she walks through the company’s corridors and observes the product creation process. In the second film, on the other hand, the viewer sees the entire process of creating a new product – from ordering, conceptual work and prototyping to the production of the final product. Both films were created in 3 language versions – Polish, English and Russian. They are also regularly updated by us due to changes in the team or rebranding.

On Vireo Media’s side was the preparation of the production from A to Z, i.e.:

  • development of the film concept
  • casting and actor selection (the film features employees, but the client is played by a professional actor)
  • 2 shooting days
  • editing of 2 films, each in 3 language versions
  • preparation of animations
  • selection of music
  • postproduction of video and sound

Perfecta Retail Furniture is a manufacturer of in-store furniture, tobacco racks and POS materials that display and promote products.



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