3M GSC Poland – Corporate video from archive footage


We were commissioned by the Komunikacja Plus agency (now K+) to create an employer branding film presenting 3M Global Service Center Poland. We have been making corporate films for years, but this one posed a new challenge for us because we were making it during a pandemic. The possibilities for filming were limited, not only because of sanitary restrictions, but mainly because… there were no employees in the offices. Most people were working remotely. In the film, we used video footage collected by the client over several years. From more than 1,000 GB of video, we selected the best shots, prepared animations, selected suitable stock footage and realised a voiceover recording in English.

On Vireo Media’s side was the production preparation based on the brief:

  • technical and artistic consultation of scripts
  • selection of shots from client material (over 1,000 gigabytes of videos!)
  • selection of stock footage and background music
  • voiceover recordings in English
  • editing of video with animations
  • post-production of video and sound

3M Company is an American conglomerate that manufactures and sells a variety of products, including plastics, abrasives, electronics and pharmaceuticals. The company offers more than 55,000 products.



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